Front cover of 6 x 8-inch edition

Vancouver artist Kiku Hawkes released two editions of her book, Gold Mountain Tableaux: epigraph in conjunction with a studio gallery exhibition of the same title in the 2018 Capture Photography Festival, Metro Vancouver’s high-profile celebration of local and international contemporary photography.

Gold Mountain Tableaux: epigraph presents a series of photos Hawkes made in the early 1980s to document buildings and streetscapes in her Strathcona neighbourhood. She was prompted to do so by the rapid changes that were taking place, wanting to capture the essence of the area before its irrevocable transformation.

The first iteration of Gold Mountain Tableaux, consists of 42 toned and hand-coloured portraits of Strathcona and Chinatown residents, taken during this same time period. Book editions are also planned for the portraits.

The 12 x 9-inch limited edition of epigraph is printed on fine paper and bound with Chicago Posts, which allow for the insertion of additional pages as the artist expands upon her on-going Gold Mountain Tableaux project.

The 8 x 6-inch perfect-bound edition is for broader distribution.

As well as the artist’s introduction, the text includes a foreword by Andy Yan, a native of Strathcona and director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University, and “sing, chickadee, sing” a poem written especially for this book by acclaimed poet and long-time Strathcona resident, Daphne Marlatt.

Kiku Hawkes’ work has been exhibited across Canada and won international awards in art and commerce.

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