19 May

Return of the Jaguar

Whistler Independent Book Awards—Nominee

The design brief, working in collaboration with Behind the Book, required a bold cover to support the novel’s compelling narrative, interior page design for easy readability, and an ebook compatible with all e-readers.

“Norm Cuddy’s Return of the Jaguar skillfully takes the reader on a thrilling and perilous journey across the Baja desert and into the mountainous jungles of Chihuahua, weaving a gripping story around the carnage that took place in Chiapas.”

Norm Cuddy’s widow found in his desk drawer the completed manuscript for Return of the Jaguar several months after he passed away. With the help of author services company, Behind the Book, she completed the final copy edit and fulfilled Norm’s vision of publishing his spell-binding novel.

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19 May

This Earth is Ours

Axiom Business Book Award: Bronze Medal—Corporate History/Milestone, 2015

This Earth is Ours: 30 Organic Years Along Nature’s Path, is a celebration of the 30th anniversary of Nature’s Path Organics, a multiple award-winning family-run organic foods company that is an advocate for sustainable farming practices, non-GMO foods, and fair trade, as well as community gardens and other food security and community-support initiatives.

This project included design, layout, typesetting and photo prep for the interior pages: 11.5 × 8 inches, 224 pages, including over 370 images—most in colour.

As a private publication, this book is not available for sale.

19 May

The Unheralded Artists of BC

“The Unheralded Artists of BC, from Mother Tongue Publishing, is a beautiful, lively, and well-written series of ten books dedicated to introducing people to the many forgotten 20th-century BC artists and recognizing their artistic significance.”

The design brief for covers and interior pages included keeping a consistent look for the series, while also incorporating unique elements, such as poems in book number seven, The Life and Art of Harry and Jessie Webb. The glossy softcover bindings include French flaps. The interior pages feature generous margins and images of varied size placed throughout. A special design challenge is presented by the need to end each chapter on the last line of a recto (right-side) page for a smooth transition to the next chapter’s opening pages.

More about the series at Mother Tongue Publishing.

The Life and Art of Harry and Jesse Web

The Life and Art of Harry and Jesse Webb is number 7 in The Unheralded Artists of British Columbia and includes over 120 photos and artworks reproduced in colour and black and white, as well as poems written by the artists.

“Harry (1927-1995) and Jessie Webb (1930-2011) were among an influential group of artists, poets and musicians working in Vancouver in the 1950s. . . . [They] collaborated on a series of innovative progressive prints made with linoleum blocks. Their works were featured in exhibitions at the Vancouver Art Gallery and in publications throughout the 1950s. They were also very involved in the local jazz scene, designing posters for the legendary Cellar Jazz Club. . . . Their fascinating story is being told by their daughter for the first time.”

Finalist: Roderick Haig-Brown Regional Prize—BC Book Prizes, 2012

The Life and Art of Mildred Valley Thornton

The Life and Art of Mildred Valley Thornton is number 4 in The Unheralded Artists of British Columbia and includes 112 photos; colour and black and white. “During the Depression, her family moved to Vancouver where she [carved] out a unique career as a fiercely independent, adventurous and confident artist . . . she became an advocate for First Nations peoples and made important historical contributions to British Columbian art and culture.”

The Life and Art of Mildred Valley Thornton was a finalist for the Roderick Haig-Brown Regional Prize in the 2012 BC Book Prizes.

The Life and Art of George Fertig

The Life and Art of George Fertig is number 2 in the The Unheralded Artists of British Columbia and includes 150 photos in colour and black and white. “. . . Fertig was a Jungian, a symbolist, a socialist, and an outsider. But above all, he was an artist, struggling to survive in mid-century Vancouver, British Columbia. . . . Known as the “Moon Man,” [his] unique oil paintings range from early landscapes to large and powerful archetypal images and small numinous meditations on eternity. ”

Other books done for Unheralded Artists

The Life and Art of Ina D.D. Uhthoff: made the shortlist for the Victoria Butler Book Prize, 2013

19 May

Russian Cuisine

Interior page design by Jan Westendorp / Kato Design and Photo.  The cover design is by Andrew Bagatella/Whitecap Books.

“From table settings to backyard gardens and pantry items, this book teaches you everything you need to know about Russian food.”

Published by Whitecap Books and graced with beautiful photos by Tracey Kusiewicz at Foodie Photography, the interior page designs for Russian Cuisine: Traditional and Contemporary Home Cooking incorporate elements to make it a practical and useable reference, while embracing styles that harmonize with its traditional and contemporary subject matter. Informative sidebar text, notes on ingredients and methods, as well as excerpts from the memoir of the author’s mother appear throughout the book.

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19 May

Investing in Murder

The design brief, working in collaboration with Behind the Book, required a bold interior page design to reflect the novel’s riveting narrative, and an ebook compatible with all e-readers.

In this first novel in the Jason L. Riley series, Jason—having amassed a fortune for his clients and himself by successfully forecasting natural disasters and predicting commodity losses and gains—finds himself at the top of a short list of suspects in the disappearance of the yacht and millions of dollars of one of his clients, along with the client herself.

The cover design is by Sean Thompson / Behind the Book.

Find the print edition at Indigo.ca

Kindle ebook at Amazon

19 May

the art of breathing underwater

The design project for this book of poetry features the cover design and interior page layouts.

Cathy Ford’s first poetry book in many years includes 7 x 9-inch page dimensions to accommodate long lines. The author of 14 previously published books of poetry, Cathy Ford is a former member of the League of Canadian Poets and a founder of the organization’s Feminist Caucus.

Find out more at Mother Tongue Publishing

Also available at Amazon

19 May

At the World’s Edge

City of Vancouver Book
Award: Finalist

This book design project features a soft-cover with French flaps and interior page layouts—incorporating photographs, drawings, and poems throughout, along with a 42-page portfolio of historic photographs of Vancouver made by Curt Lang in 1972.

Written by Claudia Cornwall and published by Mother Tongue Publishing, At the World’s Edge is a 288-page biography of Curt Lang; a legendary Vancouver beat poet, artist, photographer, intellectual, and entrepreneur.

You can find out more at Mother Tongue Publishing and at Claudia Cornwall’s author website

19 May

Recipe for Disaster

F. G. Bressani Literary Prize, 2014: Finalist
Danuta Gleed Literary Prize, 2013: Runner-up


The brief to design Recipe for Disaster and Other Unlikely Tales of Love included a retro-look cover and interior page designs incorporating graphics of cooking implements.

One of the fine challenges was to make the relatively short manuscript—approximately 35,000 words—into a book of 100 pages and maximize its spine width.

Find out more about this book and Mother Tongue Publishing here.

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19 May

D.H. Wright

The design brief for these inter-connected erotica novels included the covers and interior pages for the print edition, along with the ebook to be compatible with all e-readers.

Quoted as Destiny

On Sunny’s wedding day, her mother, Daina, guesses that something is up. But when the moment arrives, Daina is completely blindsided. . . . The fears she’d been carrying—along with her secret—for over 20 years were now coming to fruition. Her treasured relationships with those she cared so much about, would never be the same.

Paperback and Kindle edition available on Amazon

That Quote was How it Began

The connection between Daina and Jake was instantaneous, electrifying in its intensity. . . . [A] sense of knowing teased her, but would remain elusive until both were well-entrenched in the relationship. But this is not your typical account of infidelity, affairs, or the “other woman.” The bond between them . . . continues in this lifetime.

Paperback and Kindle edition available on Amazon

Claudia Returns

When Claudia leaves her high school sweetheart, her adoptive parents, and country to explore her Israeli roots and culture she gets much more than the adventure she’s looking for. . . . [A]fter a seemingly chance encounter with a sadistic, manipulative man, Claudia’s life is changed forever and her journey becomes one of survival. . . . Whether Claudia will be strong enough to not only survive but overcome may well depend on the friends, family and the first love she left behind.

Paperback and Kindle edition available on Amazon

19 May

Love in Northern Rapids

Love in Northern Rapids recounts 18 canoe trips over more than a dozen years on many arctic rivers and on the Beaufort Sea, as well as the Inside Passage and other waterways in western North America. Author, Freda Mellenthin, proves that youth is no prerequisite for learning new skills, braving the elements, or falling in love. At the age of 61, she met Ted Mellenthin, an enthusiastic whitewater paddler of the same age who brought a canoe on their first date. They hit it off immediately, and Ted started to teach Freda the basic paddling strokes. Less than a year later, the pair set out on their first canoe expedition—into the Canadian Arctic.

This 7 x 9-inch book design project includes a softcover binding as well as interior pages including 16 maps, covering all the expeditions, along with 16 black and white photos and 32 in full colour.

Love in Northern Rapids is available in book stores, specialty stores, marinas and tourism locales throughout Canada.