31 May

Trailer Trash Chaplain

“As I tentatively reached for the doorknob, a scene from Alice in Wonderland flashed through my mind. Do you remember the tiny door that Alice encountered when she fell into the rabbit hole? In the movie, the doorknob morphs into a little face and begins to speak to Alice. Would this doorknob come to life as well, I wondered? Would it sprout tiny ears, whiskers and a pointy snout? . . . ”

Explore the adventures of Chaplain Laurel, author of Let’s Pray Scripture!, as God reveals the challenges and rewards of living on the fringe alongside the ‘outcasts’ of society.
Humorous and intriguing, this book is a compelling read.

Cover and page design, layout, and typesetting by Jan Westendorp/Kato Design and Photo.

Published by STL Waters Publishing

5.5 × 8.5 inches


174 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9938382-1-7

Available from Red Tuque Books

31 May

Poems and Stories

This book is the result of many years of work which persisted, despite taking a rather circuitous route through a life journey filled with interruptions, including relocation to another country. As the decades progressed, both the writing and the writer matured, awaiting the right moment for the work to resume and coalesce into Poems and Stories; later being translated from the original Brazilian Portuguese, the author’s mother tongue.

Self-published by Edmée Leal. Cover and page design, layout, and typesetting by Jan Westendorp/Kato Design and Photo.

5.5 × 8.5 inches

softcover with 3-inch French flaps

248 pages

ISBN: 978-1-7713693-7-4

31 May

The Crabapple Tree

“Growing up in the countryside I found much joy being outside in nature all year round. When I was a child I wrote a poem about our crabapple tree and the life that surrounded it. I loved to see the tree change throughout the seasons. Twenty years later that poem inspired me write and illustrate this book.” ~Leslie Speed

This project’s brief was to format the artist’s delightful lithographs and story for the book and make them press-compliant for a print run.

8.5 × 11 inches

32 pages in full colour

ISBN: 978-17775190-0-1

31 May

The New Dreaming

The design brief, working in collaboration with Behind the Book, included designing this book’s inside pages, and a fixed layout eBook compatible with Kindle devices as well as other eBook platforms.

In The New Dreaming, Sarah Foster shares the stories of fifteen Elders and Knowledge Keepers from around the world as they express their relationship with nature, ancestral teachings and traditions, language, and a personal message to all children of the Earth. Through these diverse voices and worldviews, readers will experience a beautiful variety of geographical places, cultures, and communities while discovering the universal connections that unite us all.

7.5 × 9.52 inches

120 pages; full colour throughout

ISBN: 978-17774600-0-6 (softcover) | ISBN 978-17774600-2-0 (eBook/.epub) | ISBN: 978-1-7774600-1-3 (eBook/Kindle)

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31 May

Fallen Leaves

This privately published book contains letters written during a span of 14 years between 2004 and 2018 to three recipients in China who wanted to improve their English languages skills in general as well as in relation to their hobbies or areas of professional expertise and specialization.

The brief for this project included the cover design and page designs for a complex text that includes Chinese characters, the Greek alphabet, Germanic Runes and other symbols, as well as creating the black and white diagrams throughout.

6 × 9 inches

ISBN: 978-1-7773586-0-0

256 pages, including four colour photos and several illustrations

30 May


The small crew of the Starship Intrepid, with its newly developed and untried experimental computers and faster-than-light engines, head into space and are led to the planet Nyanga by a mysterious radio beacon emanating millions of miles away. After a perilous landing on the planet, they discover two civilizations, one under the dictatorship of an evil, all-powerful entity ruling the city and its people, while the other lives peacefully and harmoniously with nature. Danger, feints and double-crosses await John, a former Scout Service spaceship pilot, and his crew mates, Brian, a Space Merchant Corp veteran and owner of the Orion’s Belt Bar, along with Susan, the executive secretary to an eccentric billionaire, on the roller coaster adventure of a lifetime.

Cover and page design, layout, typesetting, and reflowable eBook production by Jan Westendorp/Kato Design and Photo.

6 × 9 inches


606 pages

ISBN: 978-1-7774729-0-0 (softcover)
ISBN: 978-17774729-1-7 (eBook)

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30 May

Vancouver’s Women in Blue

Vancouver’s Women in Blue is a chronicle of the names and histories of women who served in the Vancouver Police Department; from the first appointment of a woman to the VPD in 1904—who was hired to provide care for female prisoners—to 1975 when Canadian laws mandated gender equality for recruiting and hiring standards. Although many challenges remained for women serving in the VPD, the new law saw the end to the department’s Women’s Division and set the course for women to serve as fully operational police officers. Carolyn Daley, who spent 28 years in the force and reached the level of Deputy Chief Constable, reveals many of the gender-based double standards that women in the VPD often faced and takes readers through the historical transformation of the VPD into a more gender-friendly era.

Carolyn Daley’s work on creating this book is featured in a interview as well as the cover photo in the Federation of British Columbia Writers’ WordWorks magazine (2021, Volume I), and the book’s cover is included in the cover image of issue 2021, Volume II.

Kato Design and Photo’s brief for this project included the cover and title page.

Published by Ruddy Duck Press


ISBN: 978-1-9992792-0-2

8.5 × 11 inches, 286 pages including many photos throughout.

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19 May

Gold Mountain Tableaux

Front cover of 6 x 8-inch edition

Vancouver artist Kiku Hawkes released two editions of her book, Gold Mountain Tableaux: epigraph in conjunction with a studio gallery exhibition of the same title in the 2018 Capture Photography Festival, Metro Vancouver’s high-profile celebration of local and international contemporary photography.

Gold Mountain Tableaux: epigraph presents the second iteration of the artist’s on-going Gold Mountain Tableaux project. It consists of photos Hawkes made in the early 1980s, documenting buildings and streetscapes in her Strathcona neighbourhood. She was prompted to do so by the rapid changes that were taking place—wanting to capture the essence of the area before its irrevocable transformation.

The first iteration of Gold Mountain Tableaux, consists of 42 toned and hand-coloured portraits of Strathcona and Chinatown residents that Hawkes made during this same time period. Book editions are also planned for the portraits.

The 12 × 9-inch limited edition is printed on archival Mohawk Superfine Eggshell cover and text stock; bound with Chicago Posts, which allow for the insertion of additional pages as the artist expands upon Gold Mountain Tableaux.

The 8 × 6-inch perfect-bound edition is for broader distribution.

In addition to the artist’s introduction, the text includes a foreword by Andy Yan, a native of Strathcona and director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University, and “sing, chickadee, sing” a poem written especially for this book by acclaimed poet and long-time Strathcona resident, Daphne Marlatt.

Kiku Hawkes’ work has been exhibited across Canada and won international awards in art and commerce.

To purchase the artist’s books or hand-printed archival photographs please inquire at  jan@katodesignandphoto.com

19 May

Return of the Jaguar

Whistler Independent Book Awards—Nominee

The design brief, working in collaboration with Behind the Book, required a bold cover to support the novel’s compelling narrative, interior page design for easy readability, and an ebook compatible with all e-readers.

“Norm Cuddy’s Return of the Jaguar skillfully takes the reader on a thrilling and perilous journey across the Baja desert and into the mountainous jungles of Chihuahua, weaving a gripping story around the carnage that took place in Chiapas.”

Norm Cuddy’s widow found in his desk drawer the completed manuscript for Return of the Jaguar several months after he passed away. With the help of author services company, Behind the Book, she completed the final copy edit and fulfilled Norm’s vision of publishing his spell-binding novel.

Available on Amazon.

19 May

Invitation to Beauty

Invitation to Beauty is an engaging book that combines poetic verse meditations with colourful photos to provide guidance for experiencing more beauty in life. Together the meditations and photos speak of beauty’s depth and varied dimensions: the idea of beauty as a sanctuary; the grace that boldness, liberty, and forgiveness release into our lives; beauty’s power to affirm and renew. Let the interplay of images and words relax and inspire you while illuminating a path to a rich, satisfying life.

Enabling its author to achieve the most effective sales at her workshops and presentations, this book is published in a traditional print run. And to maximize distribution it is also available in print on demand editions.

For more information and to order visit Begin with Beauty Publications

Also available at Indigo.ca and Amazon