What Every Kid Needs — and Money Can’t Buy

This project includes cover and interior page designs.

Written by inspirational speaker, Keith Pattinson, who has worked with children, youth and their families for over forty years. One of the gems in this book is Keith’s explanation of Search Institute’s Asset Development approach to assisting families and communities raise healthy, happy, and responsible young people. Among Keith’s many successes is the positive ticketing program adopted by Richmond RCMP to encourage positive engagement by children and youth in the community.

The cover design presented a unique challenge because we wanted the image on the front to be inclusive and were certain we did not want to show such specific and identifiable features as age, sex, or ethnicity. It took many attempts using several different images before we decided on the profile photo that I shot especially to use on this cover.

To keep this book very reader-friendly and somewhat like a hand-book, the interior page designs include bullet and numbered lists for easy reference to key points, as well a few tables and charts, and a list of “Lessons to Take Away” at the end of every chapter.

You can find out more about Keith and his book at this web site: http://keithpattinson.com/

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada (BGCC), they have funded a new special edition of What Every Kid Needs—and Money Can’t Buy. It includes a new preface, an up-dated index, as well as a new cover that shows a group of very happy young people who are involved with BGCC, to specifically convey the BGCC’s positive role and values in support of children and youth.

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