The Playing Card

The Playing Card is an international award winner! It won the Gold Medal for Canada West Fiction, in the 2014 Independent Publisher (IPPY) Book Awards. This award’s criteria include three design-related features: first impression, cover design, and interior layout.

In addition, The Playing Card is a finalist in the literary fiction category in Foreword Reviews INDIEFAB 2013 Book of the Year Awards.

The Playing Card, is Michael Hetherington’s first novel, following two previously published books, including The Archive Carpet, which is composed of fiction fragments. (

The Playing Card is about curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge; at the same time it’s a playful, suspenseful, and experimental novel—a metaphysical mystery. The structure of this book is unique, based on a deck of 52 playing cards in four suits. It includes 52 chapters in four parts, along with two “joker” chapters and an “Inface,” a kind of preface set in after the first three chapters.

The cover production features a scuff-resistant, nylon-based matte-laminate for extra durability. And the interior design features chapter headings that push outside margins set for the body text, as well as page numbers vertically aligned to chapter headings and set just over one-third of the way down the page.

You find out more about the book and Passfield Press here:

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