The Life and Art of Edythe Hembroff-Schleicher

The sixth book in Mother Tongue Publishing series, Unheralded Artists of British Columbia. 

The cover and interior page designs are consistent with the other books in the Unheralded Artists series. The cover features 4 inch wide French flaps, which contain information about the book in addition to the endorsements on the back cover. The front cover image is a painting completed by the artist in 1968, currently in the collection of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. The coloured frames around the painting are a design innovation that works in the context of the series design while creating visual emphasis for the painting.

Among the complexities of the page design is the need to size and place in images to make the text fit within every chapter so that it ends on the last line of a recto (right-side) page. This avoids undesired white space at chapter endings to create a smooth transition to the image and new chapter opening on the following page spread.

In addition to Edythe Hembroff-Schleicher’s well-researched biography, the interior of this book includes over 100 rarely seen paintings, prints and photographs beautifully reproduced.

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