The Archive Carpet

 This project features book cover and interior page designs.

This book, released in 2012, is the first from exciting new Vancouver-area publisher, Passfield Press. The design challenge was to create an elegant book whose contents are fragments of fiction—some very short—each written on a different day and woven together by the author’s personal imaginative journeys.

600 fragments in 39 chapters and aggregated into three parts required clear levels of hierarchy and plenty of white space to create smooth flow while allowing each element to breathe and declare itself. In response to the author’s desire to include in the Table of Contents (TOC) all fragment titles, chapter titles, and parts opening pages, I designed it in two spacious columns, with only the chapter page numbers listed to keep the TOC clean-looking and uncluttered, while allowing easy navigation for the reader. The TOC runs to 10 pages, and offers a gentle way of easing readers into the reading pleasures that lie ahead.

The cover production features a scuff-resistant, nylon-based matte-laminate for extra durability.

You can view the book at

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