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Memoria: An Anthology of Portuguese Canadian Writers

Edited by Fernanda Viveiros   Published by Fidalgo Books

6 x 9 inches    ISBN 978-0-9860565-0-5

There are several different writing genres included in this book, which suggests a design challenge to keep the look and feel unified throughout. Our solution in this case was to use a single beautiful font family, taking advantage of its elegant bold, titling, and inline styles.


Delta Police: Building on the Past, Focused on the Future—125 Years, a Tradition of Excellence

Compiled and arranged by Sharlene Brooks   Published by Delta Police Department

7 x 9 inches, includes 165 black and white photos    ISBN 978-9918579-0-6

The manuscript for this book needed extra work before it was ready to publish. Kato Design and Photo stepped in early, creating a brilliant team to bring this book from assorted Word files and hand-written notes to completion in book form. Our work included one round of major structural editing and a second round of copy editing before we could finalize the design. We then put the designed layouts through three rounds of proof-reading to further ensure we eliminated errors.

Design considerations were demanding because the text included side-bar information that wasn’t part of the narrative structure, but needed to be included to provide context and additional information. The side-bars ranged in length from a half-dozen words to multiple pages. The solution was to create a distinctive graphic outline treatment to highlight the difference between the main story and the additional side-bar content. The resulting flexibility made it possible to set side-bars either as spreads on their own, or flowing into the main text areas, all the while maintaining readability and comprehension.


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